The Worm Ladies of Charlestown, Inc., based in Charlestown, Rhode Island was founded by Nancy Warner who is considered to be one of the foremost experts in the field of worm farming a most unique business.

SCORE began working with Nancy in 2011 to assist her with the scaling up of the business.

Essentially, the Worm Ladies is one of the very best resources for everything regarding vermiculture; the practice of raising red wiggler worms to consume food scraps and other household waste. The business seeks to take advantage of the growing demand for natural sources of plant nutrients and soil enhancers by gardeners, farmers, landscapers and nurseries. The Worm Ladies is seeking to become the largest worm composter in the region. Initial efforts have been successful as customers seek to take full advantage of procuring local, fresh worm compost that is rich in beneficial soil biology. In addition to worm farming, the Worm Ladies continue to provide a variety of educational services.

Impressively, this new business was one of the winners of SCORE’s prestigious  2017 American Small Business Competition.

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The Worm Ladies